Sunday, August 17, 2008

Foot pain -- how to tie your laces

What do all roller girls have in common? Well, lots of things. But today we're talking about foot pain. Here is a nice blog about how to tie your laces to alleviate foot soreness. Be sure to click on the followup post for further modifications that can be done to your skates. This looks like a good blog for foot issues. There are posts about heel slippage, blisters, and the dreaded top of the foot bump. For extra bonus fun, check out this site on many and various ways to tie your shoe laces.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

3.1 is here: WFTDA Releases Rules Update

What do you call a group of roller derby referees? I'm sure there's a cool word we could come up with. Like a murder of crows. Perhaps a judgment of referees? Or we could just stick with the zebra theme and go with a herd of referees. Anyhoo...

Derby News Network has a nice overview of the rules changes. Most are fairly minor, but one change that will be most obvious to fans is how periods end. Previously, the period would end as soon as the period clock hit zero, even if that occurred in the middle of a jam. Now, the final jam will be allowed to continue to completion.

Get 3.1 here.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Hampshire Double Dose of Derby

Saturday I skated in my first public scrimmage. It was totally awesome and I want more more more. My favorite pic is above. That's me yelling at my teammates that the jammer is coming up.

This is me in the penalty box. My first major! I got called for cutting the track and passing the last opposing blocker in the pack. I'm actually kind of proud of this because I was trying to get up there so that my fellow blocker, who was up ahead blocking the opposing jammer, wouldn't get called on a 20ft. So my execution wasn't super, but I knew what was going on and what I needed to do to help.

More photos are below:

Jammin' for Jesus! I love how everybody looks so sweet and I just look like a goofball.

Skatin' for Satan! That's Mini-Bloodbath on the right as the team mascot. So adorable. Of course, we had Jesus rooting for us, and you can't beat that!

Aside from actually skating, my second favorite thing was seeing someone wearing one of my t-shirt designs from my cafepress store. This is the first time this has actually happened and was wicked cool! Big thanks to Dee Stortion and the entire Skate Free or Die Rollergirls for putting on an amazing event that I know everyone had a great time at. I want to do it again right now!

Photos: top two courtesy of Kysa and Jeremy, bottom two from angie_phoenix