Thursday, November 26, 2009

Check out all this DC Rollergirl goodness

Photo: Tony Richards (that's my teammate Miso Knotty!)

Tony Richards Photography
November 2009

Hell on Wheels: Roller Derby in Washington
By Gwendolyn Purdom
Washingtonian, December 2009

The District Body Slam: DC Rollergirls
by Kate Michael
The District Dish, November 2009

Hell on Wheels: D.C. Rollergirls Play Hard, Fight Harder
By Veronica Macias
NBC Washington, Nov. 17, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Helmet design contest

From Triple Eight:
Triple Eight is launching a ground breaking global contest today and we're inviting you to participate and help spread the word. We are giving our customers, friends, and anyone with some design chops the opportunity to work up a design that could adorn one of our signature helmets; the Triple Eight Brainsaver Skate Helmet and our Old School Audio Snow Helmet! The winner of the contest, chosen by the Jovoto community (, will receive $1000 cash. Even if you don't win the cash prize, if your helmet design is chosen to be incorporated into our product line, you'll receive 5% of the wholesale price of each helmet sold, with the potential to have your design rocked by athletes from around the world.
You can sign up for the contest through
Please forward this to anyone you know that might be interested. Feel free to post it to your website, social network pages, blog about it, write about it, print and hand it out, etc. We're super excited to get our customers and friends involved in the design of a new product and are looking forward to seeing what the community develops!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates and Links

Wow.  It has been so long since I wrote in here that I'm not really sure where to start.  Here are some highlights:

  • I crashed into a wall and separated my shoulder (Boo!)
  • I was teamed and am now a Cherry Blossom Bombshell!  That means pink pink pink! (Yay!)
  • My shoulder is all better (Yay!)
  • But then I sprained my MCL (Boo!)
  • I went to Eastern Regionals (Go Boston!) and Nationals (Oly crap!)
  • I'm starting to think about doing some coaching (Yay?)
  • I'm thinking about buying a heat press (Umm...)
  • I'm really tired of not skating (Duh)
And, here are a couple more links of roller derby goodness: