Monday, April 7, 2008

Walk for Change

Sunday was the Walk for Change to support the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. The Boston Derby Dames teamed up with the New Hampshire Skate Free or Die Roller Girls and had a great time navigating the stairs and brick sidewalks of the walk route. Thank you to everyone who donated! You are all awesome!

Roller Derby Videos on the web

Roller Derby HowTo: How to conduct a chair fight on skates. Video forthcoming.

A couple of quick links to some new roller derby video resources. It's amazing how many sites have cropped up that didn't exist when I started roller derby not that long ago. Here are a couple of sites I have recently discovered:

Expert Village has a series of videos on YouTube about roller derby basics -- skating posture, blocking, how to choose roller skates, etc. I distinctly remember deciding to purchase some skates before trying out for roller derby (a crazy extravagance considering I'd been to all of two bouts and could barely skate without falling at the time) and realizing that I didn't even know if I should be looking at those skates with the tall boots that looked like ice skates or those skates with the low boot that looked more like sneakers. I'd been to several bouts but never thought to look. I waited until the next bout and tried to surreptitiously check out what the girls were wearing without looking like an idiot. I could have used some of these videos.

Expert Village also has a series of videos (which is on their main site but not on their YouTube site for some reason) called How to Start a Roller Derby Team. This series is narrated by Jerry Seltzer, son of Leo Seltzer, the man who created roller derby back in the day. I haven't actually watched these videos but they look great and include some great how-tos like How to hold tryouts, How to promote roller derby events and How to book roller derby arenas. These are nice because they recognize that new leagues need advice just as much as new skaters.

Roller Sport TV has a small (but quickly growing) collection of bout videos.

Via Derby has a video site called Real to Reel with a nice collection of videos. I am especially fond of the video explaining how to clean your bearings. I also could have used that the first time I cleaned my bearings (only a few months ago!) with no freakin' idea what I was doing.

MavTV has full bout coverage from Heartland Havoc and Texas Shootout. Check out the round 1 thriller between Boston and Detroit. It totally rocks!

And don't forget the Boston Derby Dames YouTube group, which is a collection of everything BDD related on YouTube. If that's too chaotic for you, try my YouTube channel playlists, which has all the same videos, but nicely organized into categories (I can't help it -- I'm a taxonomist).


Friday, April 4, 2008

B. Good video -- We're really very nice people

On Monday night a gang of Derby Dames descended on B. Good's Brookline location to wreak havoc and have their way with the place. I am happy to report that I was one of the gang, which also included Sheryl Crowbar, Frances of Assassin, Maude Forbid, Triple Deck-Her, Wynonna Thudd, Varga Bomber, and Etta Maims. A video was shot to promote their new salad, the Hatchback (which I am also happy to report is named after a guinea pig). A good time was had by all. I think I had the best part, though, cause I got to throw a hamburger at the wall, and didn't even have to clean it up afterwards. Please note the pickle, which embedded itself into the wall and never made it to the ground, poor thing. Fun fun fun.

B. Good video
Photos from event

Season 2 Playoffs and Toy Drive!! April 12

Season Two Playoffs!
Nutcrackers vs Cosmonaughties
Wicked Pissah Expo vs Charm City Rollergirls' Night Terrors (from Baltimore)
Music by The Swinedells
Toy Drive to benefit Children's Hospital Boston

Saturday, April 12
Doors at 5 pm, Bout at 6 pm
Tickets $14 in advance, $16 at the door

Delinquent Dames in a mad race to capture the title! The Nutcrackers' dance school dropouts take on the Cosmonaughties, BDD's resident Reds, for the chance to yank the Championship crown from the Wicked Pissahs teased tresses.

The Nutcrackers found themselves stuck in neutral against Wicked Pissahs in the first bout of Season Two and suffered an ignoble 142-41 defeat, but rallied to speed past the Cosmonaughties 69-42 in their next outing. When it was the Cosmo's turn to take the line against the Pissahs, they brought high octane derby energy, but still fell victim to townie teamwork with a 103-64 loss.

Now the Nuts and Cosmos are revving their engines, greasing their wheels, and sharpening their nails as they prepare for a match-up that will send one team to the championship and one team back to detention.

With hell-on-wheels jammers like Sarah Doom and Baby Fighterfly, and hard hitters like two-time MVP Quick Sandy, the Nuts can taste the super unleaded tang of victory. But with the mighty whomp of Cosmo blockers Anna Wrecksya and Pussy Venom, and the all-around awesomeness of Tiny Twins Claire D. Way and Maura Buse, the Nuts might end up with little more than a mouthful of space dust.

Not content to sit back and watch, the Wicked Pissahs (whose undefeated record gives them a bye for the championships) have invited the Night Terrors from Baltimore's Charm City Rollergirls for an expo bout to kick the night off.

Halftime music by Boston's own Swinedells:
  • 1 part R&B
  • 1 part Rockabilly
  • 1 part 50's Rock and Roll
  • 1 part punk rawk
  • 6 drunken buffoons
  • a dollop of pomade
Combine ingredients with a washtub full of Miller High Life and set it in the garage till it starts to stink.

The legendary Fez Room after party action continues, with DJ Boo Boo Danger keeping the dance floor hot and sweaty until midnight.

Toy Drive for Children's Hospital Boston

We're trying to help fill the wishlist of the kids and staff on the 10th floor, the Surgical Transplants and Implants department. The items on this list are things that the children use on a daily basis. All the items are cleaned and sterilized after each use, which really shortens a toys life.

Drop off new and gently used, clean toys at the merch table and receive a BDD sticker, plus our sincere thanks. We'll be making a donation in person, and invite you to sign a card to the kids from all of us.

Kids' scissors
Play trains
Dumbo infant seat
Chinese checkers
Band in a Box kid's musical instrument set
Chunky puzzles
Board books
Little People for farm, circus, etc.
Young adult movies
Books with interactive buttons/music
Wii (Mario Brothers)
Guitar Hero
New strollers to push infants and toddlers around the hospital
Baby swing
Beads and elastic
Flat screen TV
PS2 systems (There are 24 rooms with only 15 furnished with PS2 systems, which leaves 9 to reach their goal; BDD's refs have already secured donations of 3 PS2s!)
PS2 games