Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Whip It" to be directed by Drew Barrymore

Via LeadJammer:

Production Charts and the Hutchinson Leader (MN) note that the upcoming roller derby film Whip It will be directed by Hollywood star Drew Barrymore. Whip It's screenwriter, L.A. Derby Doll Shauna Cross, is also the author of Derby Girl. The Leader article states that it's unclear if the movie is an adaptation of the book or just something similar. This will apparently be the first time directing for Barrymore. That's cool, but who will play K.C. Carr? Note to Barrymore: if it's set in the mid-west, go flat track for extra derby cred. And shoot the big climax bout scene at the Roy Wilkins.

Summary: "A Midwestern, small-town, teenage girl discovers the high-energy world of roller derby and must decide if she’s willing to go against her parents and friends in order to pursue the sport she loves."

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