Monday, November 17, 2008

We season our lobster with the blood of our enemies! Yummm

The Weekly Dig came out with its Dig This Awards 2008 and guess who was voted Best Citizen's Militia? You guessed it!
Best Citizens' Militia
Boston Derby Dames

"Anyone who's been to one of the league's roller derby bouts wouldn't mind getting "blocked and rolled" by the Boston Derby Dames. Fueled, no doubt, by some combination of petrol and bourbon, they season their lobster with the blood of their enemies and look hotter on wheels than any girl in stilettos. What began in 2005 now boasts three home teams - the Cosmonaughties, Nutcrackers and Wicked Pissahs - and an all-star traveling team, the Boston Massacre. With handles like "Pussy Venom" and "KrushPuppy," the Dames would likely jump at the chance to defend the People's Republic. As one classic derby adage goes: "Skate faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!" []"

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