Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bigger isn't always better

Roller Derby Diva has a useful post about skate boot size. I think a lot of skaters (myself included) make the mistake of buying too big because our shoe-shopping experiences have told us that, when in doubt, it's better to have the shoes fit a little big than a little small. When it comes to skates, the opposite is true.
It shouldn’t fit like a normal shoe. It should fit more like a sock, a really expensive leather sock. Maybe this is common knowledge to other skaters who might be reading this, but it sure wasn’t to me.
--Lauren Bishop (Roller Derby Diva)
And then you've gone and bought an expensive pair of skates and by the time you realize they're not fitting right, you can't afford to buy another pair. Blah. This is where I am right now. Really wanting a new pair of boot. And I still haven't found a beer koozie to cut up....

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Lauren Bishop said...

Thanks for the link! Sounds like we're sort of in the same boat. :P