Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet DIY Roller Skates from CRAFT Magazine

I'll never forget being in Chicago years ago, scoping someone rolling by in some awesome platform roller skates, and wondering where she had found such a rare score. Well, we all know the best way to originality and customization is DIY! Enter CRAFT Volume 07, our Shoeware issue. What issue on shoes would be complete without DIY Roller Skates? This how-to is written by none other than the fine folks over at, retailers of roller skates and skateboards since 1975. The step-by-step build was done by Richard Humphreys, who has been a professional skater since 1978 and is the creator of Needless to say, the man has mad skills!

Check out the full article from CRAFT here along with a video podcast demo below.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting all the awesome tips and links!