Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So I have been thinking about statistics a lot lately. I don't really know much about statistics, but I do know that they're important and that because roller derby is such a new sport, people aren't exactly sure how to deal with statistics yet. Once we get the statistics a little better worked out, I want to have fantasy roller derby available. That would be so cool. My husband is a big fantasy baseball fan and has been helping me think about statistics a little bit. Since I have been working on the BDD website a lot, my thoughts about statistics mostly involve how to present them to the public in a clear and engaging manner. My husband, since he is always concerned about my well-being, is mostly concerned with how statistics can be used to prevent injuries. He also sent me this interesting article from the Boston Globe about the future of statistics in general. Interesting stuff:
In sports, mathematical analysis is old news as applied to baseball, basketball, and football. Statistical research of player performances has now been routinely applied to improve the results of individual teams. But it has not yet been applied to leagues. This unexplored area holds great promise for sports, and sports fans. Rather than beginning with the question "How does a team win?" - the query that has been the basis of all sports research to this point - what if we begin by asking "How does a league succeed?"
~By Bill James | October 7, 2007
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