Wednesday, June 25, 2008

East Coast Extravaganza 2008

Photos from top: Boston B Party, Sugar Hits gets a whip from Triple Deck-Her against Houston, Sarah Doom attempts to pull her way through the Rocky Mountain Pack with Shellby Shattered's shirt (successfully, I believe).

I can't even believe how much derby I just witnessed. I cannot even deal with how much stuff I just saw and want to write about, which means I probably never will, so just a quick summary:

Boston Massacre v Rocky Mountain Roller Girls (111-93). Boo!
Boston Massacre v Houston Roller Derby (114-38). Yay!
Boston B Party v Steel City Demons Steel Hurtin (not sure, but it was definitely a Boo!)
And if anyone else has any more photos, videos, updates, etc. please send them along!

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