Saturday, June 7, 2008

This isn't skating, this is roller derby! -- knee injury update

So, I saw the orthopedist on Thursday. He said that I had definitely torn my PCL, probably a complete tear, but that nothing else was injured (Yay!). He estimated a recovery period of 6-8 weeks (Boo!). He says he sees this kind of injury a lot in football players and car accident victims! Generally from a hard blow to the shin (which is definitely what happened to me). I probably won't need surgery (Yay!). Apparently the PCL ligament will probably not heal itself but most people compensate for a torn PCL by strengthening the surrounding muscles and never need surgery. I asked, what about skating? He said, that should be fine. To which my husband said, wait a minute -- she's not talking about skating, she's talking about roller derby! Unfazed, the doctor cited a study of knee injuries in college football players who have been scouted and are thought likely to be drafted by the NFL. Apparently a lot of them are found to have had PCL injuries which they either didn't know about or never told anyone about. Which means that even with the PCL injury they were still able to compete at a very high level with little or no problems. Which was exactly the right thing to say to my husband. So.... that's the news from Mayhemlandia. Let's see if I can shorten that recovery time a bit!

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Anonymous said...

i also play roller derby and have seen QUITE a few of our girls go down with PCL injuries (MCL next most common). I actually think I tore mine as well a couple weeks ago, but don't have the health coverage to get it checked out. all i know is that it felt fine for the most part, but several days latter i started having problems bending it, and I can put NO weight on my kneecap without feeling like my knee is going to slide out from underneath me. I'm scared to get back on my skates right now! Knee injuries suck!