Sunday, August 26, 2007

ViaDerby -- new Derby Website

From Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan's Amazon Blog:
I've got a link for you to add to your Derby bookmarks: ViaDerby, a new content/commerce site that is "committed to strengthening roller derby leagues, growing the sport internationally and supporting the roller derby communities."

Via Derby was started by Estro Jen (Angel City Derby Girls) and a few of her trouble-makin' cohorts. It's got a pretty graphic design, and the makings of some deep content:
  • Bootique: to indulget your shopping lust
  • iDIYa: fun DIY crafts projects to keep you occupied in those few hours you're not on the track
  • Wall of Pain: a photo gallery of bruises, wounds, and tattoos
  • Inside Line: a quick Derby 101 to help rookies get started
There's also an interviews section called Wreckognize which right now features an interview with... ahem... ME!

In addition to a welcoming "we're all in this together" tone in the editorial, the site also puts its money where its big Derby mouth is. Via is committed to raising cash for Derby-good causes, and will donate a portion of its proceeds to three organizations:
  • Junior Flat Track Derby Association: focused on helping girls ages 10 through 17 learn our sport
  • Broke Bitches: a fundraiser for skaters that are in need of cash to pay their deductibles for injuries incurred during game play
  • Roll Trip: a fund being raised for a group of roller derby skaters from all across the USA to go to another country and either start or help a struggling league overseas
Visit ViaDerby and learn more about their mission on their super-cute About page.
I just went to the website and it looks awesome. Check it out!

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