Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Roller Boogie at Coolidge

How better to kick off the Boston Derby Dames second season than with a midnight viewing of the 1979 roller disco cult classic Roller Boogie? Linda Blair's rich girl Terry Barkley falls for poor but smokin' hot skating champion Bobby James in this dayglo love story about kids banding together to save their beloved roller disco from evil developers. The opening sequence of jam skaters cruising Venice Beach is enough to inspire anyone to throw away their inlines.

Dust off your Danskin leotard and join the Dames on Friday, September 14 at midnight. It'll be a visual cluster-funk of velour rompers, feathered hair, headphones as big as Frisbees, and more male camel toe than you can shake a polyester pantsuit at. Not only will the city's sassiest athletes be on hand, but they're bringing roller derby shwag and cupcakes to boot. Can you handle it?

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