Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cutest. Rollergirls. Ever.

Via Roller Derby Diva:
OK, I think this video will make up for the ones I posted earlier today -- this is the Tootsy Rollers, a pee wee roller derby league in Seattle and a division of the Seattle Derby Brats. (There are also junior derby leagues in Tucson and Orange County, Calif.) In pee wee derby, apparently the blockers' goal is to grab flags off the jammer's waist rather than knock her down. They don't look too different than we did a year and a half ago!


maimsey said...

i resent that comment.. but those girls are so cute!

Anonymous said...

i feel like this is pretty insulting. there are many extremely talented athletes in BDD who have been kicking ass for way longer then the past year and a half.


Kari T. Ryder Wilkie said...

Ummm... I really can't tell if you guys are kidding or not. To be clear, the above statement is a quote from another blog, Roller Derby Diva, and are her words referring to her league.

maimsey said...

jk jk jk.. annnnnnd apparently i cant read.

but i did mean it, those kids are adorable.. easily distracted, but adorable.