Friday, November 9, 2007

MavTV Promos and YouTube Group

Some nice promos for the roller derby bouts now airing on MavTV:

WFTDA Tournaments on Mav TV!

Starting on October 20th, sequential games from the WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament, Heartland Havoc, began airing on Mav TV's cable and satellite outlets, as well as Mav Episodes will air weekly of each tournament game, leading up to individual airs of each game of the WFTDA National Tournament, the Texas Shootout. The viewing schedule for cable and satellite is as follows:

Original airs will be Saturdays beginning 10/20, 10/27, 11/6, etc. at 11:00PM.

Re-airs will be Sunday (lt. Sat. night) at 1:30am, Mon. at noon, and Mon. at 5:00pm.

To view on Mav, please follow these instructions carefully:

* Click on this link:
* Scroll to the bottom of the page, and scroll through "Channels" to Men's Entertainment
* Click on Men's Entertainment
* On the righthand side bar menu of programs, click on links to tournament games, i.e. Atlanta Roller Girls vs. Windy City Rollers

If you have a Mac, Mozilla Firefox is a better browser to use to view the episodes online, and a lower res version will load better. Mav is working on making the viewing process easier from their site, especially for Mac using Safari, but it will take time - please bepatient!

If you enjoy the games, please send feedback to, or to Mav TV, or your local cable or satellite provider!

View more promos here!

Spread the word that Derby is back on tv! Please post to your myspace, livejournal, or website to help us share the love! Click here for info on sharing these videos.

Also, check out our new YouTube Group: The Boston Derby Dames. In order to get all of the Boston Derby Dame videos in one place we created this group where our fans can gather, discuss, add videos, etc. Some examples of good videos: video of Shelby Shattered taking out (fill in the blank); video of Sully da Gully vs. Mini Bloodbath (she's small but feisty!); video of you and your friends starting a wave; a fashion critique of the teams' outfits -- I believe the Nutcrackers have a new outfit this year; video of your pre-game predictions for December's bout. Whatever. We'd love to see more fan interaction!

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qcrg said...

Hope you can check out some of roller derby videos on YouTube, the Queen City Rollergirls including promos and highlights!

Here is out latest promo

And all of our films!

Thanks for being the grease that keeps derby churning!

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