Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Get to know your skates!

Via DerbyLuv:
I just spent a weekend with Wile E. Peyote from Rat City Rollergirls, and FastgirlSkates.com . That gal can sure eat! But more importantly, she knows a lot about skates, and I drilled her with questions all weekend long. There is so much to know about skates, and I feel like I only got to the tip of the iceberg.

Some things to keep in mind when purchasing new gear:
-just because everyone else is going with a certain boot, wheel, or plate, doesn't mean it's going to work for you!
-you can find different widths in skates. narrow, wide, and narrow heal with wide toe.
-jammers are beginning to try out wheels that are not as wide for more maneuverability
-if you're a bigger skater, aluminum hubs are beneficial, because they don't flex as much as nylon hubs..thus, making you work harder. and who the heck wants to do extra work?
-aluminum plates are a bit heavier, and the cheaper ones may be too heavy for some skaters. i.e. ME
-when starting out, try not getting all the fancy schmancy gear at first. ok, so maybe some hard work is alright sometimes. once you get used to some cheaper wheels, medi-ocre bearings, beginner skates, then i think you will appreciate the upgrade as a more experienced skate. for example, the extra roll-out time on bearings, or pusher wheels!
-ask questions! get different opinions, talk to other skaters, and try out different gear for yourself! i am still on my quest for my perfect skate.

good luck to you! and remember, i'm not a skate saleslady, so find out for yourself about this information. someone else could tell you something completely different.

georgia w tushy

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