Friday, September 28, 2007

Rollers chase glory--and revenge

A very nice article on the Windy City Rollers and their amazing performance during Heartland Havoc in the Chicago Tribune. A couple of quotes I really enjoyed:

"Roller derby is back. Only this time it's not just kitschy spectacle, but real sport. This generation of skaters has Title IX blood running through its tattoo-covered veins. Behind the winking dominatrix humor, these women are athletes."
"And although roller derby in the 1970s had been a show parading as a sport.... the WFTDA version is the opposite: a sport with a grafted-on show that satirizes athletic events.
"It's a sendup of all these rituals ... until the whistle blows," he said."
"As the bout entered its last minutes, Malice with Chains held her hands to her helmet, looked skyward in pure joy and said one word three times. It was unprintable, but the emotion was instantly recognizable."

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