Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wilmington Advocate article about Boston Derby Dames

The Wilmington Advocate just published a sweet piece on the Boston Derby Dames. They even mention me, although they misspelled my name! I think I will start to keep a list of all the misspellings that are sure to accrue. This time: Queen Kamahamayhem. The website also has a nice little video with Nora'easter, Ruby Khan, and Bloodbath Betty talking a bit about their experiences. Wilmington is the town where we have our bouts, so hopefully it will garner us a few extra audience members who might not otherwise know about us. Check it out here.

Image: Sunday's scrimmage (which the Wilmington Advocate reporter attended). Newly scrimmage-qualified freshmeat Vicious Vivacious Vera (on the right) jams for the first time!

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