Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boston Intraleague Recap: Wicked Pissahs 103, Cosmonaughties 64

Bout recap from Mr. Hits:
"Gashes are red, bruises are blue, Cosmos play great, but Pissahs pull through. It's Valentine season in Derbyland, and thoughts of love and lust are everywhere. But for two hours this past Saturday, February 9th, warm, fuzzy feelings gave way to cold-blooded competitiveness when the Wicked Pissahs and Cosmonaughties mixed it up in the final regular season bout for the Boston Derby Dames. A record crowd of over 1,600 fans piled in to Shriner's Auditorium, packing the stands and arena floor to capacity in anticipation of derby fireworks. Never a group to disappoint, the teams delivered an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane facemelter that evidenced the long hours of hard work these women invest in their sport. And although the Pissahs ultimately won by a healthy margin, 103-64, the story runs deeper than the score; indeed, the journey of this bout was far more significant than its destination.

Read more at the Boston Derby Dames website.

Team stats

Wicked Pissahs:

Lead jammer in 19 of 37 jams
Highest scoring jammer (single jam): Triple Deck-Her, 11 points in period 3, jam 2; Tootsie Pop, 11 points in period 3, jam 11
Highest scoring jammer (overall): Krushpuppy, 36 points
Most penalties: Harlot Fevah, 14 minors and 1 major
MVP: Evilicious #420


Lead jammer in 16 of 37 jams
Highest scoring jammer (single jam): Maura Buse, 8 points in period 1, jam 7; Sheryl Crowbar, 8 points in period 3, jam 6
Highest scoring jammer (overall): Claire D. Way, 29 points
Most penalties: Claire D. Way, 10 minors and 3 majors
MVP: Anna Wrecks Ya #101

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