Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"The Dames" Premieres at CCTV on February 21st


Premiere of a short documentary produced by Project Documentary at Cambridge Community Television

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008 – 9:00pm
Cambridge Community Television
675 Massachusetts Avenue
(entrance on Prospect Street)
Cambridge, MA 02139

Check out the trailer here!

From the CCTV website:

The Dames is a short documentary that profiles the Boston Derby Dames, Boston's first and only women's flat track roller derby league. This documentary introduces viewers to a fast-paced, full-contact sport, where they can watch players like Claire D. Way and Shelby Shattered hip check, booty block and skillfully skate their teams to victory. While the sport attracts fans through its aggression and sex appeal, it also promotes women's empowerment in its most literal form: through physical strength and ownership. The documentary chronicles the birth of the league in interviews with two of its founders, Ivana Clobber and Sarah Doom, as well as the league's growth over the past two years. The film also gets up close and personal with some of the league's stars, like Harlot Fevah, Triple Deck-Her and Maura Buse. Viewers will experience the dedication and passion which drives these funky, outspoken, edgy women to play derby, even with the long hours of practice, serious injuries, and hurdles of trying to balance their day-to-day lives while running a do-it-yourself business.

The filmmakers are Sarah Brett, Ann Cowan, Darcie DeAngelo, Quentin James, Amy Steptoe, and Rebecca Yadegar. The production was facilitated by Shaun Clarke, Amy Mertl, and Jason Ong.

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