Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wicked Pissahs (103) vs. Cosmonaughties (64)

I dragged my sorry sick self (and sore side) to Saturday's bout and was rewarded with a fabulous show, a record turnout, and some scary drama. The Cosmos played a strong first and second period, but were unable to hold back the Pissahs. An in-depth recap should be available soon at the Boston Derby Dames website. The crowd was unbelievable -- over 1600 fans! The scariest moment occurred towards the end when Evilicious ran into the bleachers and didn't get up. I didn't see it happen but I heard the thud, which happened right in front of us, but below our field of vision. So we couldn't see her at all, but we could very clearly see the looks on everyone's faces as they came running to help, and they scared the crap out of me. The word on the street (the street being the BDD website) is that she's "at home sipping martinis through a straw while recovering from having broken her nose in four places and getting more than 30 stitches in her face. Broken and bruised, but more evil than ever." No doubt she will be back kickin' ass soon.

Click here to see photos I took from the bout.
Click here to check out the BDD Flickr pool.
Click here to see the post-bout photo booth slideshow.


maimsey said...

Mayhem! I hope you are feeling better, I didn't even see you snapping these wonderful photos on saturday!

Kari T. Ryder Wilkie said...

Thanks! I was hiding in the stands.